Green Electricity


We have 3 types of generators and all of them have various models to choose from.

All of our generators work on the same principle. You only need the initial power source to start the system, once it’s running simply switch over to the power the system generate and, no charging of topping up is needed after that.


Our systems does not rely on batteries to be functional and has zero emissions thus making it one of the greenest electric generators on the market today.

Our systems can be used to generate electricity for buildings, vehicles, as well and  is also mobile.  If electricity is needed in a field on a farm, or during rescue operations after a natural disaster it could be setup in minutes.


With the world the way it is now we cannot do without electricity. There are many options and just about anyone is looking to improve on the present way of creating electricity.

Our systems makes use of existing machinery assembled in a way that electricity can be created in a sufficient and cost-effective way.

This could be used off grid or connected to the grid to supply excessive electricity that is created but not used.

The same principle can also be implemented to power vehicles. Be it cars, trucks or any other means of transport that use an engine as a power source.

The size of turbines, generators and electric motors will depend on where the product is used. If it is used to power a house, a smaller turbine would be used as you would use to supply electrical power a factory. When used is a vehicle, the same principal applies. You would use a smaller turbine / generator to use in a car and a bigger one to power a train.

How the systems work

The advantages of our products are that you do not have to be part of the electric grid to have your own electricity. When used in vehicles there is also no need for the vehicle to be parked up to have the batteries recharged.

This system differs from the normal wind turbine or wind farm because it supplies it’s own power to run the system.

Please read the detailed description of each product in their section.

Patent Pending No 2103230.5 / Patent Pending No 2019/0122 / Patent Pending No 2107139.4

3 Types to choose from each with it’s own models






JA 4.5 KW

JA 15 KW